Rivals January Team of the Month

Another month, another Rivals Team of the Month!

It was a fairly mixed TOTM on PS4 this time around with 6 different teams being represented. Kustom405 topped the midfield leaderboard for the second time in a row with another 60 WPA to solidify himself as one of AUSFIFA's top attacking midfielders.

The attacking trio of Deaann, The_Reoraa and Aidanski all share one thing in common; they've each never qualified for the Rivals TOTM as forwards before this month. By contrast, the defensive duo of melbproplayer and Jason97 qualify for the Rivals TOTM defence for the second time running.

Congratulations to The Empire and x Tiki Taka x, the two best Rivals teams in January.

Without further ado, the teams of the month for January:
You can also view the winner and TOTM for each month on the Rivals Team of the Month page.

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