Rivals February Team of the Month

Better late than never! Presenting the Rivals Team of the Month for February.

If you are an Ultimate Team fanatic, the first thing you'll probably notice is the insane potential for a 90+ chem team on PS4. Featuring the main attacking duos of Pied Piper and El Diablo on either flank, The Empire's CB partnership, and links between Diablo and First Class throughout the team, this PS4 TOTM could be one of the best we've seen for some time.

The ever-versatile Kimosarby has won TOTM in midfield, defence, and now goalkeeper. Will he be looking to complete the quadruple and become the first player to qualify for the Rivals TOTM in all positions?

Congratulations to El Diablo CF and FaZe Clan, the two best Rivals teams in February.

You can also view the winner and TOTM for each month on the Rivals Team of the Month page.

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