AVPL Season 8 Announcement

The AVPL is back for another instalment on PS4 and Xbox! With the introduction of divisions on PS4 we will be running qualifiers to seed teams into Division 1. The season will kick off on the 25th and 26th of June on both platforms respectively.

To sign up, first make sure you've registered your club. Once your club is registered on AUSFIFA, you may sign up via the links below:

The following ruleset changes will come into effect across all AVPL competitions:

  • A maximum height limit of 6'3" is applied to all positions. (previously no height limit)
  • ANYs are optional. (previously a 7 player minimum was required)

For PS4 Division 1 and its qualifiers, we will be introducing the following changes:

  • A minimum of 6 players must be fielded in all matches. (increased from 5)
  • Roster size minimum: 8 (increased from 7)
  • Roster size maximum: 15 (increased from 14)

PS4 Division 1 & 2 sizes

The amount of spots in Division 1 will depend on the total number of teams registered for Division 2.

An ideal scenario would be 18-20 teams in Division 1 and 14+ in Division 2. We will make the necessary changes to guarantee that both divisions have an adequate amount of teams.

Division 1 will start off with a minimum of 16 spots, but that number will increase as more teams are confirmed for Division 2. The exact amount of Division 1 spots will be confirmed before the qualifiers begin.

PS4 Division 1 qualification

The top 12 teams from AVPL Season 7 have automatically qualified for Division 1.

The next 4+ teams will qualify via AVPL Division 1 Qualifiers:

PS4 Division 1 roster locks

PS4 Division 1 rosters will be locked in after Sunday, 11th June, 11:59 PM AEST, meaning players will not be able to change clubs after this date until the transfer window, even if they haven't played a game. Qualified teams must have at least 4 players registered from their original Season 7 roster to keep their seed.

Players will be able to move between clubs during the early season transfer window. (exact date to be confirmed)

PS4 Division 1 qualified teams

The following teams have already qualified from Season 7:

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